Kingsway Free Song of the Week

June 8, 2012

Kingsway Free Song of the Week: Saviour’s Song by Case Crayenord, Tim Hughes and Martin Smith

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This is Jesus

Light of life, eternal
In flesh and bones, descending
You walked upon the earth
The Creator
Humbled by creation
You kissed a world in mercy
Embraced us at the cross

Sing aloud the Saviour’s song
Come worship Him, come worship Him
Raise Your hands and shout His name
Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus

It is finished
A rugged cross stands empty
Death has been defeated
This world is not the same
Songs are rising
Awe and adoration
Fill our hearts with wonder
Endless praise is Yours

For nothing is higher
No one is greater
Nothing compares to You

Case Crayenord, Tim Hughes & Martin Smith
Copyright © 2010 Thankyou Music & Curious? Music/Adm. by Kingswaysongs