A Song for Easter: Lamb of God

March 17, 2013

movarian_sealThis is the song we’re learning as a congregation to offer to the Lord on Easter morning. Lamb of God is written by Judy Gresham and featured on the ReSoundWorship site. The tune is very singable and the lyrics are a great example of marrying theology to doxology in  worship. The lyrics and an audio player are below. I encourage you to check out the song at ReSoundWorship, They offer chord charts, lead sheets, piano scores and backing tracks of this and all their songs. Resound Worship is one of the most creative and generous companies in worship music.

Lamb of God, blameless one;
dearly loved, only Son,
cursed and scourged as he is hung
on a cross of degradation.
Man of grief, crowned with thorns.
How his heart and flesh are torn
as our sins and guilt are borne
in his selfless act of mercy.

Worthy, worthy is the Lamb.
Glory, glory to the Lamb of God.

Lamb of God, see him laid;
cold as stone, in the grave.
Now the awesome debt is paid
and the curse of sin is lifted.
But before daylight’s hour
death must yield to greater power,
no, the tomb can’t hold him now
for the King of Life is risen!

Lamb of God – lifted high;
reigning at the Father’s side.
There, forever glorified,
he will be the judge of nations.
And redeemed, we will stand
at the throne of the Lamb
giving glory, praise and thanks
as he rules his new creation.