Advent Songs: Emmanuel – Matthew Reed

November 1, 2012

Matthew Reed - Come and DrinkIn looking for music to use during Advent season this year, a cut from Matthew Reed’s CD, “Come and Drink” has caught my attention. “Emmanuel” is a very laid back but intimate reflection on the nearness of Christ’s love.

I could wait through coldest winter
I could walk through the driest desert
I could sail through the open waters
Just to see your love has no bounds

The opening line speaks of a winter of waiting, an ideal image for Advent as we await the Lord’s coming in glory. The wait can be difficult and the lyrics bring together a confession of God’s loving presence but acknowledges that some places in our journey of faith can be places of trial… moments we need to be reassured.

Sing, Hallelujah He is with us
Emmanuel is here
Oh hallelujah He is with us
Come and let His love draw you in

Give it a listen below. A link to a chord chart is below the song. Check out Matt’s full CD here.

Emmanuel Chord Chart by Matthew Reed

Copyright 2011 by Matthew Reed / CCLI #6187730