All About Worship Collective Vol. 4

September 6, 2012

All About Worship Collective Vol. 4 – Free for 90 Days Only! 

The folks at All About Worship are providing a great service to the church with the release of these albums and the accompanying charts. Take advantage of this offer right away!

“The vision for the Collective is to be a resource of quality, top-notch, corporate worship songs for local churches all over the world…AT NO COST TO YOU!…thanks to the generous artists, songwriters, and record labels!”

And that’s exactly what it is.

The collection on Vol. 4 includes material by the familiar (Israel Houghton, Aaron Shust) and the not so familiar but should be! (Drew Lay, Jamie Nunnally) One of the stand outs for me is “How Great the Love” by Sean Hill and Milton Gardner, a simple and beautiful gospel proclamation that would serve any church well.

“Nail pierced hands, a bleeding side
blameless life condemned to die
For my sin He was crucified
How great the love of Jesus Christ.”

Links are below for info and charts. You can find this and more at All About Worship

Here’s the set list from their site:

Volume 4 Track List: 

1. Join in The Sound – Brothers McClurg
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

2. We Are Free – Aaron Shust
website | iTunes | chord chart | lead sheet | twitter

3. Fearless – Travis Ryan
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

4. To The One – Harvest Bashta
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

5. I Call You Jesus – Israel Houghton & New Breed
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

6. Hallelujah (He’s Alive) feat. Dave Fitzgerald – Roma Waterman
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

7. More Than Songs – Stephen Miller
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

8. Glorify – Drew Ley
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

9. How Great The Love – Sean Hill
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

10. Lord We Worship You – Jamie Nunnally
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

11. You Make Us Strong – Northstar Arts
website | iTunes | chart | twitter

12. Song of The Lamb – Harvest Bashta
website | iTunes | chart | twitter