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st-columba-1-sizedAlmighty God,
Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit
to me the least of saints,
to me allow that I may keep even the smallest door, the farthest, darkest, coldest door,

the door that is least used,
the stiffest door.
If only it be in Your house, O God,
that I can see Your glory even afar,
and hear Your voice,
and know that I am with You, O God.

A Prayer of St Columba

“When we celebrate in worship the mighty acts of God, we are not so much concerned with remembering as with entering into the events; we are emphasizing the eternal rather than the historical. We need to be open to the fact that what we are celebrating, because it is eternal, is here and now. It is now that our lord comes, it is now that he is born among us, it is now that he is seen among us, it is now that the risen Lord appears. In the same way it is now that the Father is creating and re-creating. It is now that the Spirit descends. Our celebrations tune us in to the eternal events, allow us to respond to them and to carry that response into our daily living. Thus the rhythm of prayer resonates throughout the day.”

David Adam, The Rhythm of Life: Celtic Daily Prayer