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Worship Tools 10.31.12

October 31, 2012


The Secret To Generating Your Best IdeasDavid Santistevan

Preparing Spontaneity in Worship – Part 1 by Sam Hargreaves

New Music and Charts

Justin Brooks is the contemporary worship leader at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, TX.  He and his group, The Uptown Worship Band have released a great new treatment of some hymns as well as some liturgical music and original material. It’s called Hymns and Psalms and the chord charts are already available on their site. Order the CD here!

Visit IGNITECHARTS.coma service created by songwriters specializing in taking your songs and turning them into professional lead sheets, choir sheet music, or simple guitar charts.

Worship Leading

5 Tips to Improve Your Worship Leading and Singing featured at the Worship Community

Worship Tech

Has anyone tried out Worship Keeper planning software? Thoughts? 

Learn an Innovative Sound Check Method that Makes Musicians Happy at 7am! – By Andy@Musicademy

Avoiding Software Update Headaches – from Church Tech Arts

Worship Design

7 Tips for Creating an Engaging Worship Space from CCI

Veteran Technical Director and CCI Solutions Church Relations Director Duke DeJong shares ideas on how to create an engaging worship space. Join Duke on Facebook at &

The Screen Is The New Hymnal: 3 Steps To Better Worship Slides by Chris Bennett

“The screen is the new hymnal. This is both amazing and horrifying. Amazing because you can now introduce a new song with a few clicks instead of obtaining a new hymnal, but horrifying because now anyone can design their own digital hymnal… The design of worship slides may not seem like a big deal. But, second only to their Bible, they are the most important thing people read on a Sunday.”

Here’s Part Two of Mark Aaron Humphrey‘s Six Principles of Worship Design (Miss the first part? Six Principles of Worship Design (Part One))


Worship Tools 10.24.12

October 24, 2012


Why New Churches Should Sing Old Songs by Stephen Miller

10 Worship Leading Myths from Jamie Brown at Worthily Magnify

Ouch! – From Worship Connect  – “Last week, Geoff wrote:

‘… when I look at the advertising for worship leader positions in the nation’s churches I am distressed to see how many are asking for a video clip along with a CV or resume. …  Really, why do they want to see me or any other candidate leading a song before they consider whether I might lead their congregation in worship?’

Ouch. Guilty, as charged. Well, sort of…” Read More

Songs and Charts

Visit IGNITECHARTS.coma service created by songwriters specializing in taking your songs and turning them into professional lead sheets, choir sheet music, or simple guitar charts.

Vineyard Worship Podcast- What Can I Bring – “ we sit down to talk with Vineyard worship leader Anabeth Morgan about the Jeremy Riddle song ‘What Can I Bring.’ A live version of the song, led by Anabeth, is featured on the Vineyard Worship album, ‘I Love Your Presence- Live From Phoenix.’ ”  To download the audio from this podcast, click here.   To download a chord chart for “What Can I Bring,” click here.

Check out this beautiful hymn: Spirit, Keep Me Near the Cross by Stephen Miller . 

Worship Leading

Leading Worship with No Muscians? by 

Worship Team:


Vocal Skills Seminar for Singers: Breathing, Posture and Warm-ups – a free one hour video seminar from Musicademy’s Nicki Rodgers


A Guide to Guitar Effects Pedals for Beginners by Andy@Musicademy

Worship Design

Worship Lighting Colors – from @visualworshiper

“Color in worship lighting is one of the most over-looked and misunderstood visual worship elements.  I literally cringe when I see 17 different colors in a room during worship.  Just like each instrument has a part to play and has a specific tone, and just how every word of the song or prayer or sermon is chosen because it has a specific meaning, COLORS have their own meaning in worship, and we would be wise to be aware of what each one means”

Six Principles of Worship Design (Part One) by Mark Aaron Humphrey


Worship Tools 9.11.12

September 11, 2012


Rethinking the Worship Wars By Justin Deeter
“When it comes to worship styles we must think like a missionary.  No one method is superior to another, but one method might better advance the Gospel of Jesus in your community.” 

Weighing in On the Worship Wars by Matt Marino
“It doesn’t have to be a choice between a great band singing unsingable songs or being trapped with an organ and an archaic hymnal. Worship could be a recovery of the ancient pattern of Christian worship, artfully and powerfully done, with music that is culturally appropriate to the context you are in.”

 The Role of Singing in the Life of the Church by 
“In short, the God who has held back nothing from us, not even his only Son, deserves far more than the dregs of our attention and the leftovers of our affections.” 

Worship Leaders & Leading

The Worship Leader and Character from Biblical Worship, the blog of Music and Worship Leadership at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.
“Robert Murray M’Cheyne: ‘It is not great talents God blesses so much as likeness to Jesus.  A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God.’  Worship leaders need to seek to be conformed to the image of Christ daily.”

You are Called to More than Music by Jason Hatley


Top Ten Songs of Sending from Cardiphonia

Earlier,Cardiphonia released a post of their top opening songs for worship. This week the song collection revolves around the idea of sending God’s people forward from worship and into service.

Are you aware of the Liturgy Fellowship Facebook page hosted by Cardiphonia? A great resource!

Guitar Technique

How To Use A Cut Capo by Chris Vacher
Last week Chris shared a helpful post on using a capo. This week he moves on to using a cut capo.

Tech: Audio/Video

How to Plan for the Worship Band by Chris Huff

Our Motion Loop Render Settings by Jeff McIntosh at Church Motion Graphics
“The settings you choose to render your video files are very important. Unfortunately a lot of programs don’t give you clear direction on what settings to choose for desktop playback. Here is a detailed list of our hand-crafted render settings from our many years of research, testing and failed attempts….”

Worship Tools 9.4.12

September 4, 2012


10 Tips for Co-writing from Russ Hutto

Video: Principles of Songwriting with Paul Baloche

Audio / Video

New Songs

Cardophonia recently posted their top ten opening songs. The four hymns are below, check out the retunes and modern songs here.


1. Praise to the Lord (Redemption Hill Arr.)
We love this 4/4 driving arrangement from Redemption Hill, Richmond. We don’t always use the extra bits but the overall feel is great.

2. All Creatures of Our God and King (Traditional)
A great call to worship to song reflecting the call of the psalm 117.

3. Be Thou My King (Rend Collective Arr.)
Like ‘Praise to the Lord’ above taking Be Thou Vision and giving it a driving 4/4 rhythm makes it a great opening song calling us to return our ‘vision’ to the Lord.  We keep the old words but the Rent Collective arr. inspired us.

4. O Worship the King (trad)
A clear call to worship that establishes our relationship in song.  God as our King and his people as feeble and frail needing his mercy and strength. Helps to give the song more of a rolling 6/8 feel.


The Worship Wars: An Alien’s View from @TanyaRiches

What Luke’s Two Old Men Teach Us About Worshiping Through Song from @bobbygiles


Worship Tools 8.28.12

August 28, 2012

The Communication Secret Your Church Needs by Bobbie Gilles

Are Worship Ministers Real Ministers? It Depends…. by Dr. Tom Lawson

Confessions Of A Bored Worship Leader by David Santistevan

An Open Letter to Praise Bands by Manfred/Defending, Contending


Copyright Q&A for August 2012 from All About Worship


How To Use A Capo – Chris Vacher


5 Tips For Setting Yourself Apart As A “Must-Have” Background Vocalist by by David Santistevan

Audio / Visual /Tech / Stage

September 2012 CMG Monthly Mega Pack Preview

This CMG Monthly Mega Pack includes:

  • Five worship motion backgrounds
  • Two announcement motions
  • One five-minute countdown timer
  • WMV and MOV files for PC and Mac compatibility
  • Multiple resolutions: SD, HD720 and HD10180 for hi-res and environmental projection
  • JPG still graphics

The Mixing Console in Worship by Leon Sievers


Back in Print: Byzantine Daily Worship

Worship Tools 8.22.12

August 22, 2012
Worship Leading

5 Tips To Engage People While Leading Worship by Peter Webb

 Lessons in Worship Leading by Chris Mitchell


Why should we study the history of Christian worship? – by Scot Aniol

Is Modern Worship Sort of Like a Cocaine Rush? from Musicademy

 Song Writing

How Moses Can Improve The Quality Of Your Church’s Worship Songs by Bobby Gilles


Stage Design: SPLASH from Church Stage Design Ideas

A Vote for Clicks and Multitracks! – from Worship Ideas

Team Building

How a Worship Arts Reception Can Help You Find New Volunteers by Jason Hatley

5 Reasons Why You Lack Good Musicians on Your Worship Team from Worship Ideas


Liturgical v. Freeform Prayer by Sandy Grant for Matthias Media

Defining God as Indefinable by Bosco Peters

Sunday Morning Liturgy For Celtic Retreat by Christine Sine


Worship Tools 8.15.2012

August 15, 2012

New Songs

The Spirit of the Lord
mp3 | chords

Naaman Wood and Bruce Benedict of Cardiphonia Music offer this new work based in Luke 4 for the Gospel Coalition project: Songs for the Book of Luke

Come You Sinners by Jamie Brown
Free MP3 | Chord Chart | Sheet Music |

“I wrote this song one week when I was choosing songs for a communion service and wishing there was something I could sing over people as they walked forward to the Lord’s table. Having just taken a seminary class on grace taught by Steve Brown, I was freshly amazed at how scandalous God’s grace is, and how amazingly freeing it is, and I wanted to be able sing this good news over them.”

Leading Worship

Leading Worship with a Heart of Love for the Congregation by Jamie Brown

“Did you know that the microphone you sing into each week amplifies more than just your voice? It also amplifies your heart. You can lead the most well-rehearsed, polished, carefully-selected set of songs in the world, but if you’re leading from a place of frustration or irritation or pushiness, then that’s going to come across loud and strong. This should give all of us worship leaders cause for concern!”

The Worship Leader As Prophet by Glenn Packiam

“Art is a prophetic language. The language of grief and the language of hope are languages of poetry not prose. The prophets are not giving details or writing history books; they use imagery and metaphor and hyperbole to paint a vivid picture of what they see. Or they simply just weep. Or they walk with the weak and lift up the broken. Through poetic language and symbolic actions, the prophet speaks the language of grief and the language of hope. The poet can be a prophet.”

Song Selection for Worship Leaders by Scott Brenner

Scott Brenner previously served as the director of Mercy / Vineyard Publishing, and wrote a number of Vineyard worship songs, including Holy is The Lord On High and Hide Me In The Shelter.


Thinking About Being on the Praise Team? by Donna Patrick

“Membership on the praise team does not make you a praiser—you should have already made it a habit long before you get to the team. Why? I can answer that question with a question: How can you lead people somewhere you have not been yourself?”

What The Psalms Can Teach Modern Worship Leaders & Songwriters – by Bobby Gilles

“The 150 psalms in ancient Israel’s hymnal not only provide examples for us to follow in writing new songs, but they give us a wealth of source material.”

TECH – Audio / Video

Worship Loopers… I mean Leaders – Matt McCoy

Matt is a worship leader and songwriter from Chicago, IL. He is also a founder of

Simple by Whitney George

“When it comes to design, there’s a tendency to think that it’s all about making it (whatever “it” is) beautiful. Generally, this is what we artists get consumed with. We want our video to look gorgeous. We want our design to be stunning. We want our audience to be wowed by the sheer beauty of what we’ve created. The problem with this sort of thinking is that it not only entirely misses the point of what good design is, but it also leads to over-designing…”

Worship Tools 8.8.12

August 8, 2012

New Songs

Worship Together is offering two new takes on classic hymns:

Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us (Blessed Jesus)
Free MP3 | Free Lead Sheet | New Song Cafe

Be Still My Soul
Free MP3 | Free Lead Sheet | New Song Cafe

Leading Worship

Singable Songs by Don Chapman
“Bottom Line: Choosing worship songs that are singable by normal mortals will create a more unified, participatory worship experience for your church.”

Rockstars and Worship Leading for the Rest of Us by Karl Verkade
” Because the point is, you can get people to sing almost anything. But is that really where you want to spend your time while leading worship? And is that really how you want to use up the congregation’s energy? It is usually much more expedient to choose songs that are easy for people to sing with and get into. Then you have their patience and energy at full store, when and if you need to push and prod to get them to connect with God.”


How To Build A Worship Team That Never Stops Growing by David Santistevan 

“You need to answer these two questions:

1. How am I capturing and developing the young musicians in my church?

2. How am I capturing and developing the older musicians in my church?

You need a separate strategy for both.”

Small Church/Big Worship: Five Ways a Schedule Helps Develop Your Worship Team – From Musicademy

Worship Leader Devotional “Going Deeper”: Blessing the Blessing by 

TECH – Audio / Video


Are Your Worship Songs too Ornate or Complex? by Bobby Gilles

Worship Tools 7.31.12

July 31, 2012

New Releases

Emerging VoicesJesus Culture – Emerging Voices
Emerging Voices is the newest release on the Jesus Culture Music label and features four up and coming worship leaders; Derek Johnson, Mary Kat Ehrenezller, Nate Ward, and Justin Jarvis. 10 new original worship songs ranging from the deep and powerful “Mighty Fortress”, the surrendered message of “Where You Are”, and the soulful anthem, “I Belong To You”. From start to finish, Emerging Voices is a fresh worship experience by four relevant voices with a heart to see people encounter God and His love.  – From


Brothers McClurgBrothers McClurg – Join in the Sound
Brothers McClurg, a worship band hailing from western New York, invites listeners to Join In The Sound with their first full-length album. The new project follows the band’s 2011 introductory digital EP Alive, which was lauded by Worship Leadermagazine for its “tight harmonies” and “creative rhythms.” For Join In The Sound, Brothers McClurg delivers more of those signature harmonies on 10 new songs plus three songs from the EP. – From


Also check out:
Vertical Church Band – Live Worship From Vertical Church
Brian and Jenn Johnson – Undone 


9 Things To Consider When Planning Your Next Setlist – Posted by Peter D Webb 

How To Move Beyond Singing Songs to Leading Worship – by David Santistevan

TECH – Audio / Video


Should Songwriters Count Syllables Or Just Listen For Accents? by Bobby Gilles

The Funnies! 7.27.2012

July 27, 2012