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Worship Tools 7.24.2012

July 24, 2012

New Releases

Magnificent Obsession: OneThing Live
You Are The Fire by Dustin Smith


You’ll want to check out BigChurch Media – “There are a lot of graphics out there but many of our customers are utilizing more and more complex systems in their services and are looking for graphics that meet the quality of their systems. Our passion is helping you tell your story so that God’s message can be shared with the world.”  – also take a look at their other company Big AV Connection – “BigAV Connection is your source for all things audio, video, lighting, broadcast and projection. From microphones to hazer fluid, camera accessories to our new projector lamp finder, BigAV Connection has the products you are needing to make your business or ministry successful. Now through August 3, visit and use the promo code ‘ECHO_12? to receive 10% off your next purchase.


Should You Pay Your Praise Band? from Worship Ideas

Your Worship Team Can Grow . . . and Here’s How! from Jason Hatley

The Ultimate Worship Song Arrangement – from Musicademy (Hilarious!)


Guitar: What Is The Best Acoustic Guitar For Worship from Nic Riley at Worship Ministry

Copyright Issues: Christian Copyright Solutions

“Christian Copyright Solutions’s quest is to simplify copyright compliance and licensing for Christian organizations. Churches and ministries are using copyrighted works on an ever increasing basis. They want to use these works legally, but are often confused by the complicated world of copyrights. Hundreds of thousands of churches and ministries seek help with diverse licensing needs due to inexperience with copyright issues. CCS’s solution is to build digital bridges between copyright owners and users through its exclusive online web-based application, CopyrightSolver. Visit them for more info!

Orchestras, Choirs and Educational Services

Visit My Church Orchestra for all your orchestra and choral needs. They also provide solid discounts and services to academic institutions.

Worship Tools 6.25.12

June 25, 2012

“You cannot find excellent corporate worship until you stop trying to find excellent corporate worship and pursue God himself.”
~DA Carson

Global Worship: an interview with David Ruis

From The Creative Sunday5 Ways to Make a Stage Design Happen

From Rich KirkpatrickDeath by Comment Card: Decibel levels, worship style, and helpful suggestions

 Bob Kauflin with some suggestions if you’re looking for a piano/keyboard

From The Worship Community, Joel Klampert  shares: Self-Serving Leadership: The Platform is Not Your Throne

Worship Together is offering two brand new free songs from Bellarive:

Love Has Found Us
Free Lead Sheet // New Song Cafe

Free Lead Sheet // New Song Cafe

New Lead Sheet PLUS from Lifeway Worship: Strong God from  Desperation Band’s latest album “Center of It All,

From Worship Vanguard, thoughts on songwriting.

From Church Production News: Rash of Stage Collapses Could Prompt Changes in Insurance and Engineering Standards

An interview with Graham Kendrick:

Graham Kendrick has been described as the “Grandfather of the modern worship movement” and has been a huge influence on many of today’s worship leaders. What is Graham doing nowadays and what does he think about modern worship music?