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August 16, 2013

Here’s some folks you may want to check out on Twitter:

@RKSundayNoise – “Richard Kentopp’s Sunday Noise is a series of discussions aimed at helping worship and liturgy planners begin to think critically about their music on Sundays”.

@BasicWorshpTeam  – “Basic worship team tips and cheats for worship leaders & team members”

@ChurchCollectiv“Equipping and Empowering Worship Leaders Worldwide. Let us partner with you and put music in the hands of those who need it.”

@rethinkworship – “ReThink Worship is a collection of creative worship ideas, songs, videos and resources for the church.”

@jkharvill  – “Love God, love my wife, love my kids, love music and guitars, love to write, arrange, play, produce and perform music!”· 

@twelve30media – “Generic and Custom Media for churches and organizations! Mini-Movies, backgrounds, countdowns, bumpers, and more! Your one-stop source for great screen content!”


Psalm 96:9 Worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness; tremble before him, all the earth!

Ask God for a greater vision of Himself! If there is no trembling in your soul, if there is no splendor before your eyes, if there is no anticipation of His worldwide reign, if there is no growing regard for His holiness, then cry out to the Lord for new eyes and a heart freshly captured by His glory!

@zachicks – Nostalgic Worship Disorder and Getting Worship My Way

Scott Wesley Brown – @swbmusic – “worship is what we all do all of the time. whether we worship God all the time is another matter…………”

Always a good question from @holycowcreative – “A question I must constantly ask to check all I do and am: How is my day/decision/words/life exalting Jesus?”

@churchcreate – Don’t Tweet During the Sermon?

@sharefaith –   The Seven Signs Your Church or Organization Is Headed for Trouble

@lifewayworshipNew Lead Sheet PLUS – Freedom Is Here: From the Hillsong United album “Across The Earth: Tear Down The Walls,”

@theresurgance – “Temptation is not sin. Temptation is an invitation to worship.

@philwickham –  My good buddies @lovelitemusic just put out a great record called “In Three Persons” check it out!

@gpackiam – More than likely, the best $6 you’ll spend today is on @bekahwagner’s EP ‘The Blameless’…

@mattboswell – What perfection of friendship, what communion we shared; But choosing death, we fell from life aside the guilty pair. – O Sing My Soul