City Church Bristol: City Sounds

March 19, 2013

City Sounds - City Church Bristol

I’m always on the look out for new worship music that serves the church in creative and faithful ways. City Church Bristol has put out an EP that’s well worth a listen to. Produced by Phatfish’s Nathan Fellingham, “City Sounds” is a beautiful effort by a local church band writing some strong material for their congregation.

To be honest, I almost didn’t get past the first song,

“Come On” is featured first on the preview page and it follows what seems to be a formulaic approach that seems to litter the worship landscape right now which is a driving rhythm with what has become the obligatory “whoa-ohs” being sung over it. Look, it’s just me, I know I’m out of the mainstream but, frankly, my first reaction is “more of the same” and I move on. In this case, I have such an appreciation for Nathan Fellingham that I previewed the next and I’m so glad I did. All of the songs are fresh and singable but two really stand out to me. “Jesus Has Shown Us” is a a lovely piece that centers on creation:

Jesus has shown us the God who cannot be seen
The picture of his endless love for all he has made
Though we were lost, without hope, unclean in his eyes
He came to find us suffered so willingly died

Beautiful saviour, Universe maker
Creation sustainer, Jesus our King
Matchless designer, Revealing the Father
Alpha and Omega, Reigning Supreme

“What A Savior” is the stand out on the EP. Violating the sacred rules of modern worship songs, there are 4 verses including one about death!

Happy if with my final breath
I may gasp His holy name
Preach him to all and cry in death
“Behold, behold the Lamb!”

What a saviour we have In Jesus
What a saviour we have in Him
For he conquered the grave
And now he reigns
What a saviour we have in Him

Maybe it’s just cause I’m an older guy but I think the worship community does precious little to prepare their congregations to face death. As much as it is dealt with in the scriptures, and given that it will be an experience common to all of us, we could use more songs that joyfully anticipate not only the Savior’s victory over the grace but that our future suffering is followed by resurrected glory.  Check out City Sounds here and here. They offer free chord charts as well! Follow them on @CityChurchBris