Don’t Miss the Mystery and the Comfort

April 12, 2013

supper BPuritan Thomas Watson, in his book on The Lord’s Supper, contends against the notion of transubstantiation but also gives a welcome caution to those who would diminish the sacrament to a merely symbolic ritual.

“Also, this doctrine of the Sacrament confutes such as look upon the Lord’s Supper only as an empty figure or shadow, resembling Christ’s death, but having no intrinsic efficacy in it. Surely, this glorious ordinance is more than an effigy or representative of Christ. Why is the Lord’s Supper called the communion of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 10:16), but because, in the right celebration of it, we have sweet communion with Christ? In this gospel ordinance, Christ not only shows forth His beauty, but sends forth His virtue. The Sacrament is not only a picture drawn, but a breast drawn. It gives us a taste of Christ as well as a sight (1 Peter 2:3). Such as make the Sacrament only a representative of Christ shoot short of the mystery and come short of the comfort.