Featured Song: There is a Love

May 15, 2012

I wrote about ResoundWorship.org  back in December and acknowledged the tremendous generosity they show in making available quality songs accompanied by quality resources at no charge. They truly are a unique publishing company. One recent song, “There is a Love”, by Joel Payne,  has caught my attention for the same reasons that most of theirs do: biblical faithfulness, creative imagery, sing-ability and suited for congregational use.   The great thing about ReSound is they offer you the chance to listen to the song in full, download an mp3, download lead, keyboard, lyric and chord charts and even a backing track!  All the charts are well produced PDFs and it’s one of the easiest sites to navigate. You have to register with the site to access the downloads but it only takes a minute and then you free access to all charts and mp3s.

The  site makes it so easy to preview and acquire the music. Check out the image below and give the lyrics of  There is A Love a read through:


There is a love
that’s better than life to me,
jealous and strong,
pursuing and claiming me,
seen in the Son,
in Jesus who rescued me;
this is love.

There is a love
that speaks of amazing grace,
stooping to serve
and taking the sinner’s place,
humble in death
and suffering my disgrace;
this is love.

Oh your love is better than life to me,
heaven’s highest treasure,
wonderful and free,
binding me to you for eternity,
your love.

There is a love
securing my destiny,
filling my heart,
to counsel and comfort me,
stilling my fears
and trading my pain for peace;
this is love.

Your love is better than life to me,
better than life to me.
better than life to me, O God.

Thank you ResoundWorship. You’re generosity and high quality are appreciated!