From David Santistevan: Introducing Allison Park Worship

November 23, 2012
Allison Park WorshipI appreciate David Santistevan’s blog and thought I would pass on this blog post of his concerning the release of a project he’s involved with.

Over the past year, we have been working on a live recording. And we are very close to sharing the entire project with you: Allison Park Worship. The story below is followed by a well done video presentation of the single, Undying Love. While I truly wrestle more and more with the “concert” look of much modern worship, I appreciate the passion expressed by the team in the video.

The Creative Process of Allison Park Worship

This project started as a group of friends getting together to worship, write songs, and seek God about where we are as a church. Call it a songwriting retreat. For two days, that’s all we did. I was very encouraged by the seeds of songs that were planted.From there, we worked hard on lyrics. We rehearsed a ton. We scheduled a worship night with our church. We recorded it. And we’re about to share it with you.

How We Made This Album

Allison Park Worship is a collective of worship leaders, songwriters, and musicians. A couple of us are worship staff. Some are Ministry School students. Some are young people on our worship team. All the songwriting, production, and recording was done in house. From the live night of tracking at Allison Park Church to different homes throughout Pittsburgh, we created this record. These are songs we wrote for our church. These are songs our church owns and loves because they are passionate worshipers. My prayer is that you’ll be inspired, encouraged, and filled with hope to lift your eyes to the God of the Impossible – the God of Undying Love.

When Can I Get This Album?

This blog post is a short teaser.

The album will be available the first week of December (God willing) on iTunes and other digital platforms.

But until then, you can download our first single, “Undying Love”, for FREE right HERE. Also check out the live music video below: