Ghost Ship – Mediator

July 5, 2013

I love these folks! Here’s a video of the song “Mediator” from Ghost Ship’s new collection called “The Good King.” (Bands do love the iconic roof top performance don’t they?)


He takes our place and stands in front of God on high
He speaks on our behalf since we don’t have the right
He pleads before the God who judges hearts of men
Our mediator served the sentence for our sin
There is only one God
There is only one mediator
Standing between God and man
He’s the only way to salvation
He found the captives, broke the bondage of our chains


We have redemption through the price that he has paid
He gave his life to purchase freedom from the Fall
Our mediator was the ransom for us all
The man Jesus Christ
Who gave us his life
The man Jesus Christ
The last sacrifice
The eternal Son
He was, he is, he is to come
Messiah has come
He was, he is, he is to come

The true Son of Man
He was, he is now on his throne
The atonement Lamb