Missing Loops and Multitracks: Where are the great songs?

June 28, 2013

loopgroupsI appreciate the great work being done today by companies like Worship Band in Hand, MultiTracks.com, Loop Community and Lifeway Worship in providing well produced tools for churches to enhance their worship experience. Here’s a question I have. Why not include the larger church community by providing loops and tracks to the songs that are still regularly sung in churches around the world? When you look at the CCLI top 100 songs, it’s surprising what is there! Below is a list of the “old school” songs in the top  100. After the author’s name I’ve included the sites that had loops or mutitracks for them. Stereo or split tracks were not included as they provide no flexibility in what instruments are included.

  • Lord I Lift Your Name On High – Rick Founds (Lifeway Worship, MutiTracks)
  • You Are My All In All – Dennis Jernigan (All had a version of this one(
  • Because He Lives – Bill and Gloria Gaither
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness – Thomas Chisholm & William Runyan (Loop Community, Lifeway Worship, Worship Band in Hand)
  • Victory In Jesus – Eugene M. Bartlett (Loop Community) 
  • I Love You Lord – Laurie Klein (Worship Band in Hand, Lifeway Worship)
  • As The Deer – Martin Nystrom
  • Majesty – Jack Hayford
  • He is Exalted – Twila Paris (Worship Band in Hand)
  • Shine Jesus Shine – Graham Kendrick

It is a shame you can’t find these. My guess is there are many churches with older boomer congregations and some standard choirs that would incorporate new technology and tracks if they had access to music their congregations love. What holds that up? Not profitable? No market? I’m not sure that is truly known. Companies like Multitracks.com spend a good bit on material that may not see the light of day outside of a special performance on a Sunday. For instance, their new releases this month include the entire Citipointe Live collection called “Holy Ground.” There is some great music in that collection! Still, how many congregations are going to do all those as part of their regular rotation? I plead some ignorance here. I’m sure these companies have their finger on the pulse of things better than I do. Maybe I’m just too nostalgic but wouldn’t it be great to have a multitrack or loop for:

There is a Redeemer – Keith Green

Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty – Bob Fitts

Light the Fire Again – Brian Doerksen

Awesome in this Place Dave Billington

I Exalt Thee – Pete Sanchez Jr.’s

What songs do you wish there were enhancement tracks for? What other companies do you suggest?

5 responses to Missing Loops and Multitracks: Where are the great songs?

  1. Good word Jeff! Tried and true songs that have staying power need better supplies of resources.

  2. Good stuff — maybe we should produce some of our own!

  3. I’m kind of up-in-arms about the whole tracks thing. I’m into using them in a performance situation (which I do;), but I am a little less psyched about using them in a worship service. As a worship leader, it’s already a challenge to really let go in worship while you’re focusing on leading, logistics, cues, etc… Adding a flaky iPad to the mix seems like a chaos-inducing venture to me. I think worship should be about connecting people so people can connect with God. Can we pour out in worship if we keep putting layer upon layer of technology in front of it?

    I have to admit, I do love technology. Love it. I just think that the technology should be structured so other people are handling it so the musicians just get to focus on worship.

    As far as the availability of older worship songs goes… if there’s a market for them, then someone should create them. I have some favorite songs out there that I think missed the Tracks Bus.

    Overall though, I know that folks get impatient for a clean, full sound as they are building their team. I think at some point we have to get back to building the team to produce that sound, we need to trust that God will work through little or much. I need to work on my own perspective of that.

    There’s a song that probably needs tracks, “The Heart of Worship” by Matt Redman. “When the music fades, and all is stripped away..” Would it be oxymoronic to create additive tracks for a song like that?

    • Think small. As in, one or two people leading. Technology, if done right, can do things like save you from having to have someone flip the sldes. Add a little percussion to a very thin mix. Add a vocal on key if you are not so everyone else is, etc. I can agree with you about big churches, its the little ones and meetings where I think this technology serves. Which goes to Jeff’s original point.