Old Worship Leaders…

July 27, 2012

old-manTodd Wright published this on his blog. I was trying to think of at least one that didn’t describe me!

It happens to the best of us, but it’s especially distressing for worship leaders. Please consult the list below to see if you do, indeed, qualify as an old worship leader.

  1. You can remember “worship wars” first hand.
  2. You heard the first Hillsong album when it was released.
  3. You can remember a time when buying music was the only option.
  4. You often catch yourself during the last song thinking about the nap you have planned.*
  5. You think there’s too much new music.
  6. You’re not phased when gear breaks or the crowd is thin or when you find yourself unprepared to sing or play.
  7. You often remember that it’s rehearsal night just before people start showing up.
  8. You rant about stuff no one cares about.**
  9. You remember when praise teams had to share one monitor mix. (Sometimes with just one monitor!)
  10. You made a “Garth Brooks” joke when preachers starting using headset microphones.***

I don’t that any of my readers fit all of these, but some of you are getting close. If you’re truly brave, you’ll comment below with how many of these describe you.*Oh, like you’ve never done it?
**See this post.
***Or if you just know who Garth Brooks is.

Thanks Todd… I think.

For those of you crying in your Ensure, this podcast from Worship Leader Online might cheer you up. 😉 –

Too Old to Lead Worship… Over My Dead Body!

4 responses to Old Worship Leaders…

  1. Tedd Langtree July 27, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Thanx a squillion … like the non fazed bit …

  2. Hey Jeff… I followed Michael as leader at Vespers and Friday night communion, back in 1982-83.
    Thanks for the post. It is good to see your face, and smile about all that.

    • Hi Jim! Thanks for stopping in. Great times back then in many ways. Hope they were for you. Where are you these days?