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Worship Tools 9.25.12

September 25, 2012


Worship Wars: Finding a Middle Ground
by: Tim Keller



Three False Reasons To Label Your Song A Hymn by Bobby Gilles

The Arts

Highlighting the Church Year with Dance by Julia K. Start Fletcher

Worship Leading

10 Outstanding (And Old Testament) Reasons to Stand in Worship, Pt. 1 bJon Nicol

Graham Kendrick on the leadership role of musicians other than the worship leader – from Musicademy

Worship Planning

Planning Powerful Worship Sets by Rob Still

Worship Teams

Getting the Best People to Say “Yes” – by Hugh Ballou

Worship Tools 7.31.12

July 31, 2012

New Releases

Emerging VoicesJesus Culture – Emerging Voices
Emerging Voices is the newest release on the Jesus Culture Music label and features four up and coming worship leaders; Derek Johnson, Mary Kat Ehrenezller, Nate Ward, and Justin Jarvis. 10 new original worship songs ranging from the deep and powerful “Mighty Fortress”, the surrendered message of “Where You Are”, and the soulful anthem, “I Belong To You”. From start to finish, Emerging Voices is a fresh worship experience by four relevant voices with a heart to see people encounter God and His love.  – From


Brothers McClurgBrothers McClurg – Join in the Sound
Brothers McClurg, a worship band hailing from western New York, invites listeners to Join In The Sound with their first full-length album. The new project follows the band’s 2011 introductory digital EP Alive, which was lauded by Worship Leadermagazine for its “tight harmonies” and “creative rhythms.” For Join In The Sound, Brothers McClurg delivers more of those signature harmonies on 10 new songs plus three songs from the EP. – From


Also check out:
Vertical Church Band – Live Worship From Vertical Church
Brian and Jenn Johnson – Undone 


9 Things To Consider When Planning Your Next Setlist – Posted by Peter D Webb 

How To Move Beyond Singing Songs to Leading Worship – by David Santistevan

TECH – Audio / Video


Should Songwriters Count Syllables Or Just Listen For Accents? by Bobby Gilles

Worship Tools 7.24.2012

July 24, 2012

New Releases

Magnificent Obsession: OneThing Live
You Are The Fire by Dustin Smith


You’ll want to check out BigChurch Media – “There are a lot of graphics out there but many of our customers are utilizing more and more complex systems in their services and are looking for graphics that meet the quality of their systems. Our passion is helping you tell your story so that God’s message can be shared with the world.”  – also take a look at their other company Big AV Connection – “BigAV Connection is your source for all things audio, video, lighting, broadcast and projection. From microphones to hazer fluid, camera accessories to our new projector lamp finder, BigAV Connection has the products you are needing to make your business or ministry successful. Now through August 3, visit and use the promo code ‘ECHO_12? to receive 10% off your next purchase.


Should You Pay Your Praise Band? from Worship Ideas

Your Worship Team Can Grow . . . and Here’s How! from Jason Hatley

The Ultimate Worship Song Arrangement – from Musicademy (Hilarious!)


Guitar: What Is The Best Acoustic Guitar For Worship from Nic Riley at Worship Ministry

Copyright Issues: Christian Copyright Solutions

“Christian Copyright Solutions’s quest is to simplify copyright compliance and licensing for Christian organizations. Churches and ministries are using copyrighted works on an ever increasing basis. They want to use these works legally, but are often confused by the complicated world of copyrights. Hundreds of thousands of churches and ministries seek help with diverse licensing needs due to inexperience with copyright issues. CCS’s solution is to build digital bridges between copyright owners and users through its exclusive online web-based application, CopyrightSolver. Visit them for more info!

Orchestras, Choirs and Educational Services

Visit My Church Orchestra for all your orchestra and choral needs. They also provide solid discounts and services to academic institutions.

Worship Tools 7.12.12

July 12, 2012


Ask the Expert – Recommendations on humbuckers for a modified Strat – Musicademy


Looking for Songs for All About Worship Collective Volume 4 – All About Worship

Worship Leading

Graham Kendrick on worship leading – from Musicademy
Getting Simple of Sunday Morning – from Rob Rash
Is cool music missing the mark on Sunday morning? – from Worship.Com
3 Quick Ways To Improve Your Communication, Writing or Worship Leading – from Bobby Giles


Speak to Me – from Vineyard Music Song and Chord chart – beautiful song! 
Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise) Chords and Lyrics | 
Hillsong – PraiseChords.Net


FREE Heaven’s Praise by Dwayne Moore Download – The Worship Community
“That’s right! Grab a free PDF version of Dwayne Moore’s Heaven’s Praise: Hearing God Say “Well Done” through the end of July! We’re helping spread the word because this is a PHENOMENAL resource! This, along with Pure Praise (TWC REVIEW), is a great study series to take your worship and ministry teams through and we HIGHLY recommend them both!”



Shift Worship is announcing some major upgrades to their site including no more zip files, better file sharing and editable Photoshop files

Mode – “Creative Collective has a brand new app, Mode, which features talks and interviews about the creative process via streaming video and downloadable mp3s.” – From Echo Hub


“It is scarcely possible in most places to get anyone to attend a meeting where the only attraction is God.” – A.W. Tozer

Worship Tools 7.3.12

July 3, 2012


From PraiseChords.Net  Hope of the Nations – Hillsong

A new Graham Kendrick song – Sailor’s Song – Story and Score


DJ or Worship Leader? from Gary Durbin’s blog.

A great list from Cardiphonia –  “that explore the actions and texts relating to corporate worship.” 

Friar Tuck Learns Worship: The Roundabout Road of Liturgical Resource Development: Review and Testimony

A Personal Rant on How We Describe Leading Worship by Michael Criner

Spirit and Truth: Don’t be a Tool (be an instrument) by 

Leading Worship: Walking In Your Gifts! by 


From Alastair Vance’s blog: Compressing & Mixing Lead Vocal Tips in Logic Pro

From Musicademy: how to prevent audio feedback in church


Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast – Episode 0112 – Public Speaking  Music comes natural to a lot of us, however public speaking can be a very different thing.


From Musicademy – The CCLI License: What Is Legal and What is Not?


FOR REAL! Tambourine Player Taserd During Church Service

Worship Tools 6.18.2012

June 18, 2012

“The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.” –  Jonathan Edwards

Sojourn Music posts their liturgy recap every Monday. Always good ideas.

And speaking of Sojourn, Bobby Giles has an excellent post today: “Why Do Pastors and Theologians Pick on Worship Leaders?”

From Musicademy: Worship guitar techniques uncovered – Playing in sixths

I didn’t know there were this many! Votive Praise offers 44 Mistakes to Avoid When Leading Worship

WorshipIdeas provides the Top Ten CCLI for Week Ending 6.16.12 – No surprises here!

Jon Acuff wonders if you worship leaders notice when he quits clapping. (“Call to Palms” – funny!)

This is a lovely prayer / poem based on Psalm 13o  from Thom Shuman.

Canticle 130

i dangle my toes over
the curb of my heart,
my toes washed in
those tears racing
towards the storm drain,
my keening words
echoing through the
empty streets;if you wrote all my sins
on the blackboard
you would run out of schools,
but the Spirit stays after class,
banging dusty death out of the
begging your pardon
for Crossing
out your work;more than those
who watch the clock
on the graveyard shift,
i wait (we wait!) for hope
to be the lyrics of
the music of your heart,
more than a rooster
scanning the horizon
for that first glimpse of dawn –

we hope
for you . . .

— copyright © 2009 Thom M. Shuman.

If the Leader Ain’t Happy, Nobody Sings – Good advice from Viqui Dill

Chris Vacher wants you to “Lead Worship Like a Boy Scout”

Rob Rash on being Servants First, Artists Second

A beautiful hymn based on the Parable of the Sower: “Almighty God, Your Word Is Cast” from  Pastor Clifton Rankin’s blog.

Are you familiar with Ron Man’s blog Worship Notes? You need to be!
“…a free monthly online digest of reflections, views, news and reviews concerning biblical worship. It is produced by Ron Man as a publication of Worship Resources International, a ministry devoted to “strengthening the body of Christ in the U.S. and around the world by promoting the priority, understanding and practice of God-centered, Christ- exalting, Biblically-based worship.”  

A tutorial for Transposing on Guitar from Musicademy 

Mathew Reames on Does Our Worship Honor Him? from All About Worship

Thom Turner at  Everyday Liturgy offers A Prayer for Desperate Situations 

“Worship is the submission of all our nature to God. It is the quickening of conscience by His holiness, the nourishment of the mind with His truth, the purifying of the imagination by His beauty, the opening of the heart to His love, the surrender of the will to His purpose.” – William Temple

Ron Man on The Gospel: a Call to Worldwide Worship

O come to the Father : the blessing of the gospel: access to the Father

through Jesus the Son: the means of that access

And give Him the glory: the ultimate goal of the gospel: God’s glory

great things He hath done: the basis for our praise

… and, along those lines, Sue Rinaldi asks: Is worship music the latest thing to be globalized?

Have you heard the new CD by The Welcome Wagon, “Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices?”  

A major new upgrade of ProPresenter 5 has been released

“Let’s just wait until Sunday.” – Have you ever said those five dangerous words? From Jason Hatley

Matt Brouwer’s new CD is worth a listen – check out Everlasting – chord sheet here thanks to WorshipIdeas. Visit Matt’s store here. Listen to Everlasting

Don’t miss the new remix that Page CXVI has released in collaboration with Derek Webb

Lee McDerment offers the Confessions of a Worship Hipster


Bobby Giles offers a guest post on the need for lament as well as laughter at All About Worship: Happy is the New Boring: Acknowledging The Lows So The Highs Will Be Sweeter

Worship Ministry Catalyst REALLY wants you to like them on Facebook. Here’s ten reasons why you should

From Worship Ministry: If there is one comment that is loaded for bear, it’s “The drums are TOO LOUD!”

A guest post by Matthew Sterner  on Musicademy –  How to Offer Artists Criticism Without Being a Jerk

From Journey of Worhip, Chris Gambill on – The Most Important Part of Rehearsals

Brandon Gilliland on Leading Worship When Others Are Disengaged

Experiencing Worship offers some do and don’t of recording.

Fred McKinnon on 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Lead This Sunday

“We do not jettison worship for the sake of evangelism, but evangelize for the sake of the worship.” – R.C. Sproul Jr.

Thanks to Marie and the good folks at Musicademy for this video that reminds us it happens to everybody…