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watts photo1Love the titles people use to give to essays and books. This is one from Issac Watts:

“A Short Essay Toward the Improvement of Psalmody: Or, An Inquiry how the Psalms of David ought to be translated into Christian Songs, and how lawful and necessary it is to compose other Hymns according to the clearer Revelations of the Gospel, for the Use of the Christian Church.”

It’s free as an ebook at Amazon.

By the way, Sojourn Music out of KY has produced two solid collections of contemporary treatments of Isaac Watts hymns that I highly recommend :

From the Sojourn site:

“In the midst of the Reformation in England, Isaac Watts recognized that people needed to see the gospel in the psalms and hymns of the church, and they needed to sing them in language and metaphors that they understood. In this, he became not only the father of the modern hymn, but the pace-setter for contextualizing the gospel for the people of God.

As musicians, pastors and songwriters, our desire was to explore the hundreds of hymns that Watts wrote during his lifetime, to learn from the incredible range and depth of his lyrics, and to re-envision those songs with modern language and melodies.

The songs are re-imaginings and adaptations of the hymns of Isaac Watts, the ‘Father Of English Hymnody.’ Watts was an extraordinary pastor and poet. These songs, these snapshots of the gospel, can profoundly help us to see Jesus as more beautiful and more believable.”

Click either album cover to hear samples or purchase.





Worship Tools 6.18.2012

June 18, 2012

“The best, most beautiful, and most perfect way that we have of expressing a sweet concord of mind to each other is by music.” –  Jonathan Edwards

Sojourn Music posts their liturgy recap every Monday. Always good ideas.

And speaking of Sojourn, Bobby Giles has an excellent post today: “Why Do Pastors and Theologians Pick on Worship Leaders?”

From Musicademy: Worship guitar techniques uncovered – Playing in sixths

I didn’t know there were this many! Votive Praise offers 44 Mistakes to Avoid When Leading Worship

WorshipIdeas provides the Top Ten CCLI for Week Ending 6.16.12 – No surprises here!

Jon Acuff wonders if you worship leaders notice when he quits clapping. (“Call to Palms” – funny!)

This is a lovely prayer / poem based on Psalm 13o  from Thom Shuman.

Canticle 130

i dangle my toes over
the curb of my heart,
my toes washed in
those tears racing
towards the storm drain,
my keening words
echoing through the
empty streets;if you wrote all my sins
on the blackboard
you would run out of schools,
but the Spirit stays after class,
banging dusty death out of the
begging your pardon
for Crossing
out your work;more than those
who watch the clock
on the graveyard shift,
i wait (we wait!) for hope
to be the lyrics of
the music of your heart,
more than a rooster
scanning the horizon
for that first glimpse of dawn –

we hope
for you . . .

— copyright © 2009 Thom M. Shuman.