Tips for Leading Kids in Worship

August 16, 2012
girl-praising-e1328503499833Fred McKinnon has posted 8 tips for leading elementary age kids in worship. The first four are below:

When approaching a kid’s worship service I want to accomplish two things.  First, I want to captivate them with exciting music so that they are interested.  Kids are used to Disney Channel, color, sound, movement, and interaction so I want to be sure they will connect.

Second, I want them to experience a true encounter with God as they worship.  I want to give them more than an energy boost.     Kids will clap, shout, and sing along but without some instruction they may not really understand what worship is all about.  They can very well just be excited for the sake of being excited.

When planning or leading a children’s worship service there are many things to consider.  Today I’d like to discuss eight tips that may help you as you consider the worship culture of your children’s ministries.

1.  Try to get your most passionate, active leaders on stage.

You’d think that stage presence wouldn’t matter with kids but they are watching everything and if you’re excited, they are excited.  They learn by imitation.  If you aren’t an expressive worshiper they will not be expressive either.

2.  Go with lots of energy.

They like fast and furious.  Songs that they can clap to, jump to, shout to are all great songs.  Kids naturally have a lot of energy and if you can get them engaged they will light up the room with response.

3.  Bring it down to simple worship.

The mistake we can easily make when leading kids in worship is to only lead them fast and furious.  Remember we are leading them into a place of worship.  At some point, dial it down and do something more simple so the kids can begin to sense God’s Presence around them and in them.  Drop your instrumentation down at some point so you can hear them singing in the room and follow them.

4.  Teach them

Kids aren’t going to listen to a 20-minute discourse on theological worship and the Hebrew words for praise.  They will; however, respond to simple, bite-size encouragements about why we sing, why we worship, how we respond to God, and how to be aware of His Presence.   Take advantage of this in your song setups and intros.

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