Tree Hill Collective: Shelter in the Wind

July 10, 2013

If you’re not already familiar with Tree Hill Collective, I would encourage you to discover their gift to the church. I became a fan after hearing their One Redemption collection and I have looked forward to subsequent releases. Their website describes their ministry in these words:

“We are a network of songwriters, independent artists, and music industry professionals who exist to create and share the very best worship songs and to craft and make freely available all of the resources the church needs to use them.”

That is a great and worthy vision!

Their latest release is called Shelter in the Wind and features the songs and vocals of Mia Koehne. There is a sampler available on Noise Trade and it’s well worth a listen. The four songs range widely from the elegant single piano and vocal of the title track to the full band and rap insert of You are Holy. I’m particularly drawn to the simple anthem We are More than Conquerors. Once again, the Tree Hill folks know how to make space in their music. Rather than bury the vocals under the usual barrage of U2 riffs and extra keyboards, producer Jeff McCullough lets the vocals stand front and center. One of the nice things about this is that it allows a small church to think “we could do that song!” as opposed to “we could never sound like that.” In an “industry” (hate to have to use that word!) that is driven by name recognition and radio airplay there is so much great music that gets overlooked. It’s unfortunate, and I hope this blog may help to promote some of the very anointed and talented songwriters in the church today. Tree Hill Collective is helping to make that possible. Follow them on Facebook to find out about more.

Click the cover below to listen or to get a free download from Noisetrade