Vineyard Worship – High King of Heaven

July 1, 2013

Vineyard - Promises of WonderWithout question, the Vineyard churches and their artists have made an indelible mark on the worship of the church around the world.  Just consider the following:

  • Hosanna by Carl Tuttle
  • More Love, More Power – Jude Del Hierro
  • Change My Heart O God
  • Spirit Song and Isn’t He – John Wimber
  • Holy and Anointed One – John Barnett
  • We Will Dance – David Ruis
  • Refiner’s Fire – Brian Doerksen
  • Take My Life – Scott Underwood
  • Let the River Flow – Darrell Evans
  • In the Secret – Andy Park

That’s just a sample of the older stuff! My list could go and on. They continue to write and produce music that is worshipful and easily accessible for most churches to play with a small to medium team. A new release “Promises of Wonder” continues their great tradition.

The Vineyard team is doing something with video that is a great help to those learning their songs. The videos feature lyrics and chords on the screen together. The lyrics predominate the screen area but the chords with diagrams appear in the lower right corner. How great is that? I want to commend the Vineyard folks for going out of their way to serve worship leaders by their creativity and generosity. Check out the song “High King of Heaven” from the new CD. You can download the chord chart here and follow along with the video below.