We Require Feeding

April 10, 2013

In Remembrance of Me“In worship we gather together to draw near to God, who is full of grace – the very grace so vividly displayed by communion. Grace has saved us, and, as we discover so often in worship, it continues to be evident, shaping those who gladly submit to the Lord. Bread and cup take us to a manifestation of grace in the selfless advent and giving of Jesus on behalf of rebels, and they lay in stores of the spiritual enrichment we receive at Gods hand. As we eat and drink, our bodies are fueled only modestly in terms of physical nutrition; in spiritual terms, we enter time and space saturated by grace and can be permeated, refreshed, and refueled by it. We must teach ourselves that coming to this table is as necessary as eating. We must train ourselves to recognize that we require feeding.”

– Dan Schmidt, Taken By Communion