We Still Believe by Kathryn Scott (Kingsway Song of the Week)

August 22, 2012

We Still Believe by Kathryn Scott

One of the great ongoing resources we feature here is Kingsway’s Song of the Week – a free mp3 and chord chart each week simply for logging in. This week the song is “We Still Believe” by Kathryn Scott, a lovely song of faith in the midst of trials.

From the thankful heart to the battle scarred
From the comforted to those who grieve
From the mountain top to the empty cup
From the waiting to those who have received
We cry out as one

We still believe, we still believe
We’re still surrendering our hearts
Your faithfulness is our reward
We still believe, we still believe
And though the journey has been hard
We will confess Your goodness, God
We still believe

From the reborn hope to the weary soul
From the quest for truth to those who see
From the soaring wings to the shattered dream
From the broken to those who have been healed
We cry out as one

Through the fire, through the pain
We offer You our ‘yes’ again

Kathryn Scott
Copyright © 2010 Integrity Worship Music/Adm. Kingswaysongs for the UK

Here’s a video of Kathryn and Brian Doerksen talking about the We Still Believe album: