Worship Pad Loops from Shalon Palmer

June 14, 2013


I’ve been over to Shalon Palmer’s site where he is offering a new product described as “atmosphere and ambience that fits in your pocket.” Shalon has crafted a set of loops that can be used to fill out and enhance the sound of any worship band. The loops come in 12 keys and last about 20 minutes in a free flowing style with no rhythm or click track to contend with. Simply fade one in, play your song and experience a fuller, richer sound. These are especially well suited to small teams or solo leaders. I really like his use of what I would call accent notes that truly make the pads work with any chord progression. I played along with several on my own and instantly could see how useful they would be in corporate worship. I come from a tradition where singing spontaneously in the Spirit is a special part of worship. These pads provide a beautiful, unobtrusive backdrop that allows me to play along or simply lift my hands and enter into unhurried worship.

Personally, I hate using iTunes for something like this. The free Director Media Player app is my go to app for tracks like this. Very easy to setup a playlist without the extras surrounding iTunes.

You can order the pads via Shalon’s site. They are regularly 29.99 but if you use the code “worshiptools” at checkout, you’ll get a 25% discount!  Check the video below to see worship leader Caleb Harkins describe his use of the loops and then go on over to PadLoops.com and check it out. Visit the Facebook page and give him a “Like!”