Worship Tools 7.18.12

July 18, 2012


Bill Blankschaen at Patheos on “Why I’ve Stopped Singing in Your Church.”

The Good (and bad) News about Small Church Worship Ministry from Musicademy


The Scripture to Music Collective have an interview with songwriters Bobby and Kristen Gilles

 Gear / Tech

Alastair Vance – Adventures in Recordingfollowing my experience of recording with Logic Pro and learning as I go.” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Is your guitar too loud? –  what can you do to turn it down and maintain great tone?


From re:Worship – Reader’s Theater: John 6: 1-21 Here’s a reader’s theater version of John 6:1-21, the suggested gospel reading for Proper 12 B (July 29, 2012).

From Thom Turner at Everyday Liturgy: Prayer for the Eighth Week After Pentecost

Worship Leading

Stephen Miller – Hide The Seams – Music Flow in Corporate Worship
“One of the greatest enemies of musical flow in worship is the awkward, pregnant pause that disrupts the momentum of the corporate worship experience. If you want to be the object of attention in worship, then by all means, leave long pauses in between songs. However, if you are aiming to eliminate as many distractions as possible for the people you’re leading, you need to learn to hide the seams of your song transitions”

A free ebook from Jon Nicol at Worship Team Coach:   “What’s In Your Playlist? Building a System to Make Sense of Your Songs”


John Acuff – Wishing your church bulletin explained the worship leader’s tattoos.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring our interview with the Gilles!