Worship Tools 8.15.2012

August 15, 2012

New Songs

The Spirit of the Lord
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Naaman Wood and Bruce Benedict of Cardiphonia Music offer this new work based in Luke 4 for the Gospel Coalition project: Songs for the Book of Luke

Come You Sinners by Jamie Brown
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“I wrote this song one week when I was choosing songs for a communion service and wishing there was something I could sing over people as they walked forward to the Lord’s table. Having just taken a seminary class on grace taught by Steve Brown, I was freshly amazed at how scandalous God’s grace is, and how amazingly freeing it is, and I wanted to be able sing this good news over them.”

Leading Worship

Leading Worship with a Heart of Love for the Congregation by Jamie Brown

“Did you know that the microphone you sing into each week amplifies more than just your voice? It also amplifies your heart. You can lead the most well-rehearsed, polished, carefully-selected set of songs in the world, but if you’re leading from a place of frustration or irritation or pushiness, then that’s going to come across loud and strong. This should give all of us worship leaders cause for concern!”

The Worship Leader As Prophet by Glenn Packiam

“Art is a prophetic language. The language of grief and the language of hope are languages of poetry not prose. The prophets are not giving details or writing history books; they use imagery and metaphor and hyperbole to paint a vivid picture of what they see. Or they simply just weep. Or they walk with the weak and lift up the broken. Through poetic language and symbolic actions, the prophet speaks the language of grief and the language of hope. The poet can be a prophet.”

Song Selection for Worship Leaders by Scott Brenner

Scott Brenner previously served as the director of Mercy / Vineyard Publishing, and wrote a number of Vineyard worship songs, including Holy is The Lord On High and Hide Me In The Shelter.


Thinking About Being on the Praise Team? by Donna Patrick

“Membership on the praise team does not make you a praiser—you should have already made it a habit long before you get to the team. Why? I can answer that question with a question: How can you lead people somewhere you have not been yourself?”

What The Psalms Can Teach Modern Worship Leaders & Songwriters – by Bobby Gilles

“The 150 psalms in ancient Israel’s hymnal not only provide examples for us to follow in writing new songs, but they give us a wealth of source material.”

TECH – Audio / Video

Worship Loopers… I mean Leaders – Matt McCoy

Matt is a worship leader and songwriter from Chicago, IL. He is also a founder of LoopCommunity.com

Simple by Whitney George

“When it comes to design, there’s a tendency to think that it’s all about making it (whatever “it” is) beautiful. Generally, this is what we artists get consumed with. We want our video to look gorgeous. We want our design to be stunning. We want our audience to be wowed by the sheer beauty of what we’ve created. The problem with this sort of thinking is that it not only entirely misses the point of what good design is, but it also leads to over-designing…”