Worship Tools 8.28.12

August 28, 2012

The Communication Secret Your Church Needs by Bobbie Gilles

Are Worship Ministers Real Ministers? It Depends…. by Dr. Tom Lawson

Confessions Of A Bored Worship Leader by David Santistevan

An Open Letter to Praise Bands by Manfred/Defending, Contending


Copyright Q&A for August 2012 from All About Worship


How To Use A Capo – Chris Vacher


5 Tips For Setting Yourself Apart As A “Must-Have” Background Vocalist by by David Santistevan

Audio / Visual /Tech / Stage

September 2012 CMG Monthly Mega Pack Preview

This CMG Monthly Mega Pack includes:

  • Five worship motion backgrounds
  • Two announcement motions
  • One five-minute countdown timer
  • WMV and MOV files for PC and Mac compatibility
  • Multiple resolutions: SD, HD720 and HD10180 for hi-res and environmental projection
  • JPG still graphics

The Mixing Console in Worship by Leon Sievers


Back in Print: Byzantine Daily Worship

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