Worship Tools 8.8.12

August 8, 2012

New Songs

Worship Together is offering two new takes on classic hymns:

Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us (Blessed Jesus)
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Be Still My Soul
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Leading Worship

Singable Songs by Don Chapman
“Bottom Line: Choosing worship songs that are singable by normal mortals will create a more unified, participatory worship experience for your church.”

Rockstars and Worship Leading for the Rest of Us by Karl Verkade
” Because the point is, you can get people to sing almost anything. But is that really where you want to spend your time while leading worship? And is that really how you want to use up the congregation’s energy? It is usually much more expedient to choose songs that are easy for people to sing with and get into. Then you have their patience and energy at full store, when and if you need to push and prod to get them to connect with God.”


How To Build A Worship Team That Never Stops Growing by David Santistevan 

“You need to answer these two questions:

1. How am I capturing and developing the young musicians in my church?

2. How am I capturing and developing the older musicians in my church?

You need a separate strategy for both.”

Small Church/Big Worship: Five Ways a Schedule Helps Develop Your Worship Team – From Musicademy

Worship Leader Devotional “Going Deeper”: Blessing the Blessing by 

TECH – Audio / Video


Are Your Worship Songs too Ornate or Complex? by Bobby Gilles