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May 28, 2012

From the Bayly Blog:  John Calvin: Lifting hands helps “jolt us out of our laziness” in worship…

Sojourn’s Liturgy Recap for 5/27/2012 – Always good ideas to be gleaned here!

New music video by Paul Baloche and All Sons & Daughters from the CD – The Same Love. at All About Worship

Cynthia Cullen on Choosing Wisely in Worship Planning from Worship Ministry 

Nic Riley on Worship Team Guitar Roles Part I: Lead Guitar from Worship Ministry 

Today’s Quote:

“It is God who gives us the spirit of worship (Psalm 133:3), and it is what we know of God that produces this spirit of worship. We might say that worship is simply theology, doctrine, what we think about God, going into top gear! Instead of merely thinking about Him, we tell Him, in prayer and praise and song, how great and glorious we believe Him to be!” – Sinclair Ferguson, A Heart for God, 1987