Worship Tools Suggests 6-1-2012

June 1, 2012

Bobby Giles offers a guest post on the need for lament as well as laughter at All About Worship: Happy is the New Boring: Acknowledging The Lows So The Highs Will Be Sweeter

Worship Ministry Catalyst REALLY wants you to like them on Facebook. Here’s ten reasons why you should

From Worship Ministry: If there is one comment that is loaded for bear, it’s “The drums are TOO LOUD!”

A guest post by Matthew Sterner  on Musicademy –  How to Offer Artists Criticism Without Being a Jerk

From Journey of Worhip, Chris Gambill on – The Most Important Part of Rehearsals

Brandon Gilliland on Leading Worship When Others Are Disengaged

Experiencing Worship offers some do and don’t of recording.

Fred McKinnon on 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Lead This Sunday

“We do not jettison worship for the sake of evangelism, but evangelize for the sake of the worship.” – R.C. Sproul Jr.

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