RESOUNDWorship -Thank you!

December 2, 2011

I’m so grateful for that handful of places that provide resources for worship so generously to the church. Paul Baloche’s website, is one and if you haven’t visited, you need to. The song chart area is laid out well and all of it freely available for download.  Today, I have been enjoying the U.K. site What a gift to the church! The “About” section contains the following: is an exciting free resource for churches worldwide, providing fresh worship songs containing strong, Biblical lyrics supported by singable, contemporary music. You might like to register with the site – it only takes a few seconds and gives you free access to download all the mp3s, chord charts and lead sheets on the site.”

And do they ever deliver. I listened to several of the original Christmas songs offered and I am impressed by their biblical faithfulness, creative imagery and sing-ability. The  site makes it so easy to preview and acquire the music. Look at the image below:


The links worked flawlessly and all the charts are well produced PDFs.  They also offer an mp3 of the song and even a backing track! Wait… they also want to give you a free video of the song. Who does that? They do!

The song above, Miracle Child, is one we’ll be using for Christmas Eve. Check it out along with On Christmas Day, which contains this imaginative lyric:

The hands that once split night from day
now feebly clutch a blade of hay,
this is Immanuel.
Majestic king, now small and weak,
the Word of God must learn to speak,
this is Immanuel.

Thank you ResoundWorship. You’re generosity and high quality are appreciated!